"Cycloptics cares that all your plants grow uniformly"
Flip Sheridan, CEO

Cycloptics Technologies

Cycloptics designs light fixtures with unique beam characteristics that can be used with various light sources to make luminaires that it manufactures. It has evolved a manufacturing process that can produce these unique shapes from a flat sheet of high reflectance aluminum, allowing for the highest possible luminaire efficiencies.

The company’s core competence is the ability to design highly energy efficient reflectors that produce a wide variety of desirable beam patterns. Its All-Bright 315W™ and Greenbeams™ lighting systems for plant research growth chambers and indoor gardening provide exceptional uniformity over the full volume of the grow room while reducing electricity usage by up to 70%. The Philips 315W Elite Agro CMH (ceramic metal halide) lamp used in these luminaires delivers 1.90 PPF/watt with a spectrum capable of growing any type of plant.