Plant Research Growth Chamber Lighting

All-Bright Light
The All­Bright® 315W CMH lighting system integrates the 93.6% luminaire efficiency of its One Bounce and Out™ reflector with the 1.90 PPF/watt output of the Philips 315W 3100K Agro CMH lamp. In combination the All­Bright uniformly delivers 34% more PPF/kLux than a 50/50 mix of HPS and MH lamps. All-Bright’s Full Volume 3D™ uniformity is delivered in plant chambers clad in specular aluminum or diffuse white walls. The All-Bright can be driven by the 50% dimmable 200-277V Advance electronic ballast or GreenTek digital ballast.

All-Bright 315W® Performance Benefits Are:

All-Bright 315W® Chamber Retrofits

Reach-in and walk-in plant research growth chambers using discontinued T12 fluorescent or 400W HPS/MH lamps can easily be retrofit with an All­Bright lighting system. Research institutions that have successfully retrofit reach-in and walk-in chambers include::

Energy efficiency rebates to retrofit chambers operating T12 and 400W HID lamps with an All-Bright lighting system are available from many local utilities. The Energy Rebate Tool can help you identify the rebate programs your local utility may offer for retrofitting your chambers.

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