All-Bright® One Bounce and Out® Reflector


The All-Bright luminaire is made from 95% reflective diffuse specular aluminum and is protected by a plastic shell.

The All-Bright delivers Full Volume 3D™ uniformity throughout single tier growth chambers and rooms to within 50 cm below the reflectors without "hot spots". The geometry of the All-Bright reflector collects nearly 95% of all the photons produced by the vertically mounted Elite Agro lamp and in One Bounce and Out® uniformly distributes them at high beam angles onto the walls of the chamber to be uniformly distributed throughout the full volume.

All-Bright® Uniform Distribution onto Chamber Walls®              All-Bright® High Beam Angles

These features eliminate the "hot spots" commonly produced by horizontally mounted HID lamps with or without a reflector. This is shown below in photographs provided by Mr. Pieter de Visser, Plant Physiologist, Wageningen UP Grenhouse, The Netherlands. The hot spots produced by the "Wide" and "Deep" reflectors shown below are using the same lamp

Horizontal HPS in "Wide" Reflectors Horizontal HPS in "Deep" Reflectors