"Cycloptics cares that all your plants grow uniformly"
Flip Sheridan, CEO

Greenbeams® lighting increases plant yields by its unique ability to deliver wall-to-wall uniform light intensity over the full plant canopy. This is achieved by the geometry of its patented reflector. It collects the photons from a vertically mounted Philips 315W CMH lamp and distributes them in a uniform 360 degree radial distribution pattern. This light is purposefully reflected off the grow room walls to deliver uniform intensity onto full canopy of the perimeter and interior plants.

Philips Lighting, NA originally developed for Cycloptics in 2009 the spectrum for the protected, open rated Agro
315W CMH lamp. In independent testing by Utah State University Crop Physiology Laboratory the spectrums of the Philips 315W CMH 3100K Agro and 4200K 942 lamps are ideal for all plant species. At 1.90 PPF/W the Agro is the most efficient lamp in producing photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) per watt, and its spectrum is 45% more efficient for photosynthesis than HPS.

The Philips 315W CMH lamps used in Greenbeams convert 47% of their input watts into light. This results in each Greenbeams luminaire generating approximately 700 BTU compared to 4000 BTU per 1000W HPS. Depending on the light level required for a specific plant, Cycloptics will model for the optimal number and fixed mounting positions of Greenbeams needed to uniformly deliver wall-to-wall your target light level.

Greenbeams lighting systems use the PARGrow™ electronic ballast, available in 120V, 240V, 277V, and 347V.

The 5 properties of light that affect vegetables, flowers and herbs grown indoors are:

  1. The spectrum of the light produced by the light source
  2. The uniformity of the light that lands on the top of the canopy
  3. The capability of the light to penetrate and uniformly reach intracanopy
  4. The average intensity of the light during each growth phase
  5. The length of time per day that the plants receive the light